We make films.

To help people and brands tell their story.


Tell more with film.

In addition to providing technical facilities, we produce films for people, brands and broadcasters. While the medium seems impersonal, we make video content that hits you. Why us?

  Continuity as film partner
  Worldwide, based in The Netherlands
  Same or next day editing
  Online preview and feedback
  Custom made within each budget
  Result-oriented videos

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Film portraits, commercial films, introduction films, unboxing videos, instruction videos, (corporate) news.

Online content

Commercials, webcasts, promos, trailers, motion graphics and interactive video. Increase the amount of moments of contact with the right online video content.


(Re)live the show, the event or the conversation. Starting 2 to 16 camera's, projection and (live)streaming.

Professional crew

Looking for extra backup for your production? A cameraman, editor or motion graphic designer? Please contact us at planning@themotioncontent.company


Minutes of video






TB of footage

Recent productions

Each video we make is unique and is produced for a specific target or target audience. Creating more visitors or engagement can be a goal. Online video content can even result in more profit. That's why we make commercial result-oriented videos.
(We like it to be honest though, because we believe in transparency). A selection or our recent work:

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Jet Airways Evangelische Omroep AirFrance KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Gemeente Veenendaal Made For Digital Zuiver Warner Bros International Television Production Netherlands Eijerkamp ROC Midden-Nederland Allrent ICT Solutions trivest salco Intelligence Group OnsPlatform.tv Dormer Pramet Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie Theater Utrecht Easy2Rent FOOX Groothandel Food en Non-Food Dymato GAJ VBW Architecten Recruitment Tech Bemet International HKU Theater Keesen&Co Novicum Roetz Bikes Amsterdam

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The crew

Each film we produce requires a different technique or knowledge. That's why we only use the most suitable equipment and professional crew, like directors, producers, voice-overs, camera operators, editors, sound designers and motion graphic designers. To guarantee continuity our main team consists of:

Hugo de Kok

Director & Editor

Stephan Bolderman

Filmmaker & Executive Producer

Frank van Dorth

Camera-operator & Technician

  • Hugo de Kok
  • Stephan Bolderman
  • Frank van Dorth

Looking for a video content production company or a professional camera operator? Please call or email us to discuss the posibilities.

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